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Do it yourself - DIY

Ok so perhaps you would rather own the domain, website and get all the leads generated from that website for free ?
Sure - not a problem, then you simply go with the following package

Please note this is per website, and I recommend you purchase at least 3 sites to get started so you can focus on specific keywords / queries. We can discuss this together should you be interested.

For only R9500 per website you will get the following :

  • .co.za domain registration in your name
  • 12 months hosting on a local server
  • Up to 25 Page Website designed with SEO in mind
  • 12 months SEO every month - with reporting and lead tracking.

With this option, you own the intellectual property, the domain, website and ALL THE RESULTS (Leads) are yours.
However so is the risk.

There is no guarantee for this product, however as you can see we do know how to get results, and with the package above we are confident that you will be more than happy with the results generated from the website AFTER AT LEAST 3 - 6 MONTHS, in fact your initial investment of R10 000 will be returned 10x by the website in the long term. Once we get a website up on top of google we are known to keep it there !

Once the 12 months has expired, then we will on request continue the domain hosting and search engine optimization for R750 per month.






Want a reference?
Get in touch and we'll give you contacts you can call to get an idea of our success rate, and our commitment to lead generation !

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Now that you have a website it is time to consider your online marketing options. We are Cape Town based agency with over ten years experience in the online marketing field. The first online marketing to do is to acknowledge that you need online marketing for your business. In fact, you should be spending more on online marketing in the first 3 months after your website is launched, than the design of your actual website. To not follow through with online marketing once you have design a website is pure madness, as no one is ever going to find your website if you do not market your website. Here in Cape Town we do things slightly different, we like to meet face to face, however, that does not mean that the initial contact is not found firstly via a google search or another search engine. Contact us here at online marketing cape town to get a quote for your online marketing, from search engine optimisation to google adwords. To get a quote – you will need to fill in the quote request on our quote request page. Online marketing cape town is here to assist you achieve results by getting leads from your website.

Online marketing is one of the most basic and long established tools that the online marketing companies came up with among other marketing related activities. It was expressed by business marketing companies that a well-designed website will generate online leads that will establish online presence and provide landing area from the marketing perspective and e-commerce solution. The website designed to the very highest standard will reflect business marketing established corporate identity. Website building should be done intelligently so as to generate profitable business leads. Online marketing has dramatically changed the way companies design their websites. Whereas marketing has been once limited to certain designs and targeted audience, the online marketing has meant that website lead  and targeted business leads can be greatly widened since the online leads knows no true geographic boundaries. At the same time, the easy websites leads means that your competition has changed as well. Before you might have had one or two website leads, now you are facing a big number of online business marketing. For hundreds of years, businesses have found ways of being able to advertise their company and products through many types of media and online marketing.

Are you looking for leads for your business? Your business might not be performing efficiently and you wonder why it is your business only which seem to be struggling to meet its profits. It is not too late, lead brokers are offering you the best quality of leads that will allow excelling and becoming on top of your competitors. Lead brokers is offering you an opportunity to grow by providing quality leads at unbeatable rates that gives you a chance to improve your revenue and survive in the competitive world. We care for our customers ,we want them to be able meet their targets therefore we will first examine our lead thoroughly  making sure that all the rubbish has been filtered before delivering to them. We promise a constant supply of quality lead allowing your business to expand and becoming a company well known for providing quality products. We are the secret to why businesses that purchase our leads have become famous and successful; it is because our first grade leads. For more information please feel free to visit our website and see what we have to offer, get in touch with us through email or call us we will always be there to assist you.